5 Ways to Move Without Full-Service Movers

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  • June 13, 2019
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A full-service moving company is the ideal choice for moving day. They handle everything from start to finish with a team of trained, experienced professional movers. The downside of this convenient, all-inclusive solution is that it can be expensive. Not everyone can afford to hire full-service movers. Here are some other options for finding and paying for moving labor.

1. College Movers

College moving companies are popular, and especially during the summer months. These companies capitalize on providing labor help that may have less professional experience by offering their services at a lower price than other moving services. However, despite what their name would suggest, most college moving companies DO have experienced laborers on staff.

2. Labor Helper Services

Companies like HireAHelper, MovingHelp, and others offer labor helper services for all kinds of needs, including moving. In some cases, you can even book this labor through the rental truck company that you work with (if you are renting a moving truck). It’s usually more affordable to pay for a few hours of labor if you’re willing to pitch in yourself.

3. Friends and Family

Although most people seem to be unusually busy when a move is about to happen, there are family and friends out there willing to help. Again, if you are willing to do some work to save money, enlist as many of your friends and family as possible. The more people you have, the less work it will be. Plus, you’ll probably only have to pay them in food and drinks.

4. Combo Moves

If a full-service move is out of your price range, consider combining other services to create your own “full-service” kind of move. For example, with the labor help mentioned above, you can have a storage container delivered instead of renting a truck. Then, it’s still a hands-off job for you because the container service handles pick-up and drop-off and the laborers can do all the heavy lifting. You could also use college movers and provide your own rental truck. Just remember to explore your options and find what works for you. For further information, Matco Calgary Movers has many resources available on their website.

5. Trade Services

Although bartering isn’t what it used to be, many small operations and one-man companies might offer packing and moving assistance in exchange for another product or service. If you have a business or skill to offer, consider your options. For example, someone with an auto shop could enlist the help of a small local mover by offering to do maintenance on their trucks in exchange for discounted or free moving labor. This is probably less likely to be effective on a general level than the other options discussed, but it is at least worth considering.

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