Top Three E Bike Maintenance Tips

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  • June 29, 2017
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Their low maintenance requirement is one of the most advantageous elements about electric bikes. In fact, many users are amazed at how easy it is to repair and keep an e bike running well. Modern day vehicles are complex to the extent that even those who fancied themselves self-made service providers can no longer work on the newer models. Instead, they are forced to go for the costly maintenance and repair services offered by professional mechanics. Compared to the costs associated with vehicle maintenance, being able to repair and maintain your own electric bike allows you to save a significant amount. Even so, you cannot keep your electric bike well-maintained if you don’t know how to. Here are tips to help keep your e bikes in tip top shape. While there are many more maintenance tips, these three are the most basic.

Keep your battery topped up at all times
Although draining some e-bike batteries all the way down won’t have any negative effects, most cannot handle being drained the same way. As such, charging your e-bike battery whenever you can is always a good idea. Because many employers and shop owners understand that charging an electric bike battery costs pennies, you might be able to top off your battery when at work or out shopping. Apart from being good for the battery’s overall life, keeping your battery full might come in handy when you have to make an unexpected trip, especially if it’s one that will need the extra juice.

Always re-apply proper and good quality oil to your chain
Keeping your chain lubricated will help to ensure a smooth and efficient ride. Your bike won’t make the squeaky noise associated with old, worn out bikes. Once you’ve applied lubricant to your chain, let it sit for a few minutes before you wipe off any excess oil using a shop rag. It worth noting that at some point you’ll want to remove the excess dirt and grit that has collected on your chain. When this time comes, you’ll have to use a degreaser.

Maintain proper tires pressure.
While it’s always important to check your tire pressure before riding, keeping all your tires inflated to the correct air pressure helps to prevent flats, which contributes to smooth rides. In addition, incorrect tire pressure is bound to have an adverse impact on battery efficiency. Apart from the fact that you risk a pinch flat, your bike will be a lot harder to pedal if the tire pressure is too low. On the other hand, when the tire pressure is too high, you will most likely have a rougher ride. You should be given the correct pressure values when buying your bike. If you visit the Scooteretti website, they may be able to provide you with more information.

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