5 Steps to Writing Kick-ass Blogs Posts for Your Audience

When you write for leisure, converting your thoughts into written word is easy. All it takes it a bit of thinking, organizing your words, and then typing them down. Writing for business is a whole different ball game. This is because your content needs to capture the imagination of your audience and keep them yearning for more. Want to know how to go about writing kick-ass blog posts for your business?  Here are some timely tips on how to write a blog that people will want to read.

1.     Work On a Catchy Title

Work On a Catchy Title

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Your title is the first thing your readers come across when looking for topics related to your niche. You need to ensure that it is catchy and enticing to the reader. Ideally, you need to think of a title after you have written your blog. This is because starting with a tile will limit your creativity. Therefore, first write your content and then think of the most appropriate title for the finished work.

2.     Start With an Outline

Start With an Outline

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Before you start writing, come up with a few ideas that will work as the outline of your article. You should have a rough idea what your paragraphs, titles, and topics should be. Scribble them down as they will work as your point of reference when writing the blog post. With an outline, you can have an idea of how your blog will look like after you’re done.

3.     Your Intro Should Be Inviting

Your Intro Should Be Inviting

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Just like the title, the first few lines of your blog are very important. They determine whether a reader goes ahead to read the rest of the blog or whether they abandon it. Make sure your intro can be understood and clearly outlines what your blog is about. Your first paragraph should be at least 60 words but avoid making it too long as this is essential in getting your audience interested.

4.     Use Subheadings

Use Subheadings

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The content marketing pros at www.seotoronto.company believe that people are more likely to read content with subheading to the end compared to a lump of text that has no subheadings. Actually, most people are not interested in reading an entire blog word for word. People scan through texts to find information that is helpful to them. Use subheading to make it easier for your audience to skim through your blog posts and retrieve the info they are interested in. Subheadings are also helpful in SEO. It can help your blog to rank well in search engine result pages.

5.     Space Your Work Properly

Space Your Work Properly

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No one wants to read a post that does not pay attention to simple rules of writing such as spacing, use of breaks and paragraphing. Therefore, as you learn how to write a blog, it is important for you to also take the time to learn about proper writing etiquette. The idea is to make the blog as easy to read as possible. People like to identify with good, readable content. Therefore, the only way to make people like your blog is by making it as easy to read as possible. Make your paragraphs short and to the point, ensure your lines are well spaced and use proper punctuation to give your blog a good flow.

  • Hiba A
  • November 20, 2018
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