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5 Pillars of Brain Health

Many of us think that being healthy and fit just revolves mainly around our physical health. Little do we know and get the concern that our brain health must be kept healthy too. With these, serious brain disorders are becoming a huge problem during the later years of our lives. This article will give you some health tips to better understand the importance of brain health.

The vitality of our brain health is very crucial in keeping us alive and active in our everyday living. As we all know, the complexity of our cognitive thinking is what differentiates us with other living bodies on our planet. Humans keep on enhancing their brain power, and the one simplest way to keep our mental health growing better is to avoid the risk of any diseases simply.

So how does one can avoid brain disorders to stimulate growth in their mental health? For your advantage, we have piled up some solutions to answer this question. Here are some:

1. Physical Exercise

There is no surprise that exercises can help us to maintain our brain health. It is a very common knowledge that the more we move and sweat, the more we increase the activities of our brain such as growing, repairing and building of brain cells.

Let’s pair our mental health with our physical health. Just like what practice and training works and benefits athletes, these exercises especially aerobics also benefits our brain health. It stimulates the production of neurons in our hippocampus part of our brain. Hence, better learning and memory are acquired.

Moreover, want to know the secret of “Miracle Grow” of our brain? Then just do at least 3 hours of cardiovascular exercise per week! Studies have found out that by doing this, our Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor or BDNF can be stimulated. Thus, better mental health will be achieved.

2. Eating habits – food and nutrition

Have you heard of the saying “you are what you eat?” Well, you are. And it doesn’t just show in your physical health but also applies to your brain intelligence. In fact, it is common sense that when we eat unhealthy foods like chips, fast foods or packaged foods, we are not supplying our body the right nutrients to perform well on our task. Therefore, nutritious foods like fruits and veggies must be incorporated into our meal often.

To make things easier, we have foods that are considered as ‘brain foods”. These foods are high in nutrients that our brain requires in functioning well. Here are some:
• Fish is rich with omega-3 which our body can’t produce.
• Eggs can improve memory from its proteins, vitamin B, D, and E.
• Whole grains like oats, quinoa and barley, can prevent brain inflammation since it is also rich in B vitamins.
• If you’re into sweets, then dark chocolates are good for you too since it contains flavonoids which are considered as strong antioxidants to increase blood flow to our brain.
• Coffee, as well as tea like ginger and turmeric, is also known to increase memory capacity and decrease your chance in having dementia.
• You can try some of the very useful supplements such as Adrafinil to improve the brain functionality and cognitive abilities.
It’s quite amazing that these foods can be a big asset in our daily living. So make sure to eat some of these at least thrice a week to see rapid results.

3. Sleep and relaxation

Everyone gets tired sometimes. Same goes with our brain. Our brain needs some rest too. That’s why there are some who experience mental shutdown or breakdown as their brain becomes overloaded with a task to think and ponder off. So a good night sleep is more than just resting your physical body but also our mental functions.

And by saying sleeping, it doesn’t just mean to rest, but sleeping can also give us a better mood by the time we wake up. It also sharpens our mind to increase its energy and ability to process information in our daily living.

In addition to this, proper sleeping and relaxation can also fight depression and anxiety by more than half of what medications can do. By sleeping, we are taking control of our brain and its activities. Thus, we see things in a happier and more positive way.

4. Medical fitness

Aside from further preserving of our brain health, preventing our body from serious ailments can also help in boosting our mental health. The logical explanation here is that when our body is suffering from something serious, all the energy in our body are focused on fighting the bad elements inside it instead of producing new and improved neurons for better cognitive development.

Medications can be a great factor too in declining or increasing our brain health as several medications could affect the activities of our brain. The chemicals found in our medicine can interfere with the normal and proper communication of neurons to transfer and process information.

However, there are also medications to improve one’s brain power. These brain enhancing drugs acts as a neurotransmitter to activate the neurons in our brain for faster and better communication throughout our body system. Some examples of these medicines are Nootropics, Adderall and Modafinil.

5. Social activities

Do you believe that no man can live alone? Health problems like depression are acquired when someone feels alone for a long period of time, so it is vital for every human to have to be with other humans too. It’s like an addiction to us to be with someone we truly love and care for. And as much as this makes our hearts happy, then so is our brain.

Related studies have stated that isolated humans are more prone to dementia than those who occasionally spend time with a community. By means of communication with the people around you, you are also increasing your intelligence by gathering more information and knowledge about you. With these, your brain functions are challenged and improved. Thus, mental disorders and lack of thinking capacities are prevented.

These 5 pillars of our brain health don’t just end here. There are still more to know about maintaining and keeping our mental health. Be guided that the only one who can take control of your brain is your own. So whether it is physical or mental fitness are involved, no other environmental factors will help you if you, yourself is not motivated to get your body healthy throughout the years.