healthy diet

Eat whenever you want, whatever you want, but only until you are satisfied

We are always thinking about how to lose weight, but we do not understand that when we shed a lot of weight, it is not healthy for our body.

healthy diet

You’ve probably heard of intuitive food and how it can help you lose weight. Ohio University professor of psychology, Tracy L. Tylka, defines it as “an adaptive and flexible form of food characterized by a strong connection with hunger and physiological satisfaction.” In this way, this way of eating is characterized by not creating forbidden foods, avoiding to eat in an emotional way, trust in hunger and satisfaction to guide the choice of food and choose food based on how well we feel the body And the good taste that leaves us. And is that many times we eat for reasons that have nothing to do with hunger and yes enjoy a tasty meal that will satisfy us.

Psychologist Stacey Rosenfeld says that everything around us frustrates our perception of food and wonders if all women have an eating disorder. An investigation by the American Dietetic Association says that at age five, girls have already internalized most of the typical beliefs about diets and eating behaviors they have seen in their mothers. Precisely, Rosenfeld points out that “there is an industry that is based on trying to get people to ignore the signals and preferences of their body, which ends up in changes in the way of eating, which causes weight change usually, which Is unhealthy. ” And another research shows how weight cycles can be worse for health.

Dietitian Kathryn Johnson explains that “honoring her hunger allows her to look for the connection between food intake, emotions and behaviors” because “eating intuitively is not about losing weight, but recognizing the patterns of eating and behavior work In a more peaceful relationship with food and your body, and hence reach a healthy weight”.


To eat intuitively you must follow five examples according to Johnson. The first of these is to listen to your body in what is defined as recognizing the hunger and natural satisfaction of your body. If you are hungry eat, but you do not have to finish the entire dish. Secondly, you must make peace with all food because “those who are forbidden have much power over us”. Another recommendation is to eat consciously, that is, knowing what we put in the mouth and not doing it unconsciously while watching TV or mobile phone.

The penultimate rule of this famous diet is to treat the emotions at the source. If you feel a craving, you should analyze why you feel it and what it is that you need at that moment: a nap, meditation or delegate tasks to prevent stress from making us overeat. Finally, instead of punishing ourselves for what we eat, we must learn to become aware of how what we eat makes us feel stronger and full of energy, so we can perform more in training or in the gym.