Simple tips on how to improve your metabolism and lose weight

Perhaps it is no secret that a metabolic disorder is one of the most common causes of excess weight. And break it is very easy to it takes a few days of malnutrition. Another question is how to improve your metabolism and lose weight. In fact, here too, there is nothing particularly difficult. It takes only a little time and self-discipline. We offer you some recommendations to normalize metabolic processes in the body.

First of all, you need to drink a glass of pure non-carbonated room temperature water on an empty stomach, immediately after waking up. You can also add to the water a little lemon juice if you do not have high acidity. A glass of water will start the digestive system of the body, and lemon juice stimulates more efficient operation of metabolic processes. After 20-30 minutes after the morning a glass of water it is necessary to tightly breakfast. Tightly means not to eat from the belly, which was enough for the whole day. Overeating in any case not necessary, but there should be a sense of satiety. It is desirable to have breakfast products enriched with protein – eggs, boiled chicken, dairy products, etc… You can also add Hordenine supplements daily with your diet as it shown promising results in increasing metabolism and enhance fat burning capacity.

Try to accustom yourself to the fractional power system – there are often, but small portions. It also helps to improve metabolism, as your body has to constantly process food that provides a streamlined and stable operation of metabolic processes. That is why the majority of the existing diets recommends a fractional power system. The amount consumed in one sitting portions should not exceed 250-300 ml, and the interval between meals should ideally be 2.5-3 hours.

Another rule to improve metabolism: Do not overeat. After your meal, you have to stay with a slight feeling of hunger. The feeling of satiety will come a little later – after 15-20 minutes after eating. In addition, it is desirable that remained empty stomach at 1.3. This will ensure the most rapid and productive metabolic processes. At the same time as a result of overeating, you immediately feel the discomfort, fatigue, and drowsiness, which does not contribute to good digestion.

Another important point for a good metabolism is the production of digestive juices. Here we come to the aid spices, mustard, garlic, and onions. If you do not have contraindications to the use of these products, do not hesitate to include them in your diet.

It has the meaning and the temperature of food. Too hot and too cold food can disrupt the metabolism and therefore should limit itself to the use of such products. Ideally, food should be warm or at room temperature.

Improve metabolism very well to fiber. This component is able to clean the intestines and improve its peristalsis. To enrich the body in fiber need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Also, you can add ready-made meals they too are enriched with these nutrients.

Do not be lazy to explore on foot, since the oxygen contributes to the good work of metabolic processes. Just walk better, certainly not along the dusty roads, in parks, squares and so on.

Carrying out these simple guidelines, you are running is the metabolism of your body, and do not be afraid that will recover due to excess ate sandwiches. Initially, however, it is better to visit a dietitian to make sure what exactly your problem is obesity really is metabolic disorders.