mental illness

5 tips to reduce your mental illness

To be straightforward and clear-cut, most mental illness related to depression and anxiety require professional help, therapist and even medication to eradicate or at least alleviate. But, putting those severe cases aside, there are a few healthy habits and homely tune-ups in your life style that you can bring about, which works aptly in preventing and reducing mental illness. Some of these effective hacks are jotted down below:

• Regular exercise with proper diet

Most people might think it to be vague as to how physical activity is related to prevention of mental illness. But, experiments and studies have proved that regular physical exercise helps in sustaining better mental health than mentally stimulating exercises such as chess, puzzles, sudoku, etc. The journal “Neurology”, in 2012, published that regular physical exercise works wonder in preventing age-related decay of the brain.

In 2014, two separate journals; namely, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry and Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica found out that regular physical workouts help in reducing depression and symptoms of schizophrenia and alleviate post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) respectively. However, a proper diet is equally important to conjugate the regular physical exercise to reap maximum benefits. Green leafy vegetables rich in vital vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids found in meats and fishes, lentils are essential nutrients for brain health and hence must be included in your regular diet plan to ensure healthy brain.

• Stress-free mind and healthy brain

Mental stress is the major cause of mental illness and hence must be taken care of with utmost priority. Life challenges, work pressure and other insecurities are part of everybody’s life, and these must be handled with maturity. Nature walk, playing with pets, spending quality time with family and friends helps in mental relaxation and reducing stresses. Brain health is unfortunately neglected by many, and very few are aware of supplements which preserve and maintain brain fitness and cognitive sharpness. There are various nootropics supplements available nowadays which proficiently works for improving cognition and brain health and prevention of mental ailment and brain decay.

• Avoid drinking, smoking, etc.

People who drink, smoke and take drugs regularly often adopt the misconception that these habits help to get rid of mental stress and anxiety. In reality, these habits induce and aggravate brain damages caused by anxiety and mental stresses. Thus, it is advisable that to ensure a healthy brain and mental fitness, alcohol and smoking must be reduced to minimum and drugs should be avoided completely.

• Practice meditation and yoga to stay calm and composed

Apart from the mental peace and calmness that is achieved by meditation and yoga, there is a scientific reason as to why meditation should regularly be practiced. The frontal cortex of our brain thins down with age, thereby decreasing brain activities. Meditation works superbly in slowing down this process of thinning. As a result, mental illness is reduced or prevented. For a stress-free, calm and composed mind, regular yoga and meditation hence are very helpful.

• Regular health check-ups

Lastly, but twice as important as the other points, regular health check-ups and a perfect awareness of your health condition is vital to protect your mental as well as physical fitness. Never neglect your routine medical check-ups, watch out for any warning symptoms occurring with your body and consult your physician immediately so that you are never late in safeguarding yourself from any impending disease that might harm your brain also. Health is Wealth, never compromise on it!