6 Causes of A Faulty Ignition Switch

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  • October 20, 2018
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The smooth operation of your car cannot be guaranteed if it has a faulty ignition switch. This is a car part located in the steering wheel column. It is used to trigger an engine cycle which helps to move the car in a forward or reverse motion. Like any other car part, the ignition switch can develop issue at any time which will make it impossible to start or switch off the car. Some of these issues can be fixed at home but it is always advisable to call a professional locksmith. Here are the most common faulty ignition switch issues.

1.      Failure of The Ignition Switch to Turn After Key Insertion

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When the ignition switch does not turn when you insert your key, try jiggling the steering wheel a bit. Sometimes, this issue is caused by a binding steering wheel since one of the wheels was parked facing a curb at an angle. This puts a load on the steering links, which may be enough to Bing the switch as well as the column lock.

2.      Key Break Inside the Ignition Switch

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Sometimes, the car key can get work out which makes it prone to breaking, if the key breaks while inside the ignition switch, it is advisable that you do not try to remove it by yourself. This may cause more harm to the ignition switch and may call for a replacement when a simple call to locksmith Toronto service provider would have sorted the issue in an easier and more affordable way.

3.      Defects from The Manufacturer

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Ignition switches also fail commonly because the part was defective but was still used in the manufacturing process. If you have a new car that has a warranty for the parts, you can simply claim your warranty and have the part replaces with a new one. If you do not have a warranty, a locksmith is best placed to sort the issue. A part replacement may be needed if simple repair work will not work.

4.      Wafers That Are Worn Out or Jammed

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Ignition switches come with a set of wafers that match the cut of the key. With time, these wafers get worn out and also collect dirt and grime causing the malfunction of the switch. A locksmith is able to tell whether this is the cause of the faulty ignition switch and will perform repair and cleaning services to get it back to its best working state.

5.      Worn Out Key

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The car key is prone to wear and tear, like any other car part. As they get older, the keys become less effective and eventually stop working. Therefore, sometimes the ignition switch can fail to work not because it is faulty but because it no longer matches the key. If you have a spare key, you can consider using it as a replacement for the old key. If you do not have one, a locksmith can cut a new set for your ignition switch.

6.      Failure of A Key To Come Out Of The Ignition Switch

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This is an issue caused by a bind in the steering lock column. If this happens, a little joggle of the steering wheel can solve it. Joggle the wheel until you hear a click sound which indicates that the wheel has been locked. This will release the key.

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