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My Kid Pooped on the Floor.

I've been waiting for this day. The day my son takes his diaper off, out of sight, and takes a dump right on the floor. Yep, that happened.

This is him a different day before bath time, no poop here.

His sister did it almost 2 years ago and it wasn't so bad. She was actually trying to make it to the potty and didn't make it in time and was rather embarrassed, but Mikey, he's just learning what the potty is for and had no intention of using it.

My darling 21 month old decides all the time he'd rather run free. Pants come off first, usually followed by him ripping his diaper to the point it breaks. Elizabeth usually yells to one of us the second his diaper comes off, but this time, she let him have his freedom...until she realized what was going on.

I was just one room away and I hear her call for me. "MOM!! MIKEY POOPED....!! I was expecting her to follow up with "in his diaper!" but instead I hear, "ON THE FLOOR!" I'm only 15 feet away but have many thoughts in my head on my way to the room like: I hope that chocolate milk didn't give him diarrhea.. and Please don't be stuck in the carpet.. and how about, Please tell me he didn't try to pick it up with his hands!

I walked in and found two huge pieces of poop, solid thank god, just sitting there on the carpet. Seemingly gently plopped and undisturbed. He's standing there pointing saying poo poo. But if the poop on the floor wasn't touched, why is he covered in S*%T!

Mikey likes grabbing himself when he's "free" and today was no exception. It was on his legs, feet, arms, hands, face, even his middle back (no idea). I wiped him with a few baby wipes and then into the bath he went!

I keep saying I wish he could just keep his diaper on! The only way he seems to keep it on is when he's wearing a onesie. I stopped with the onesies on Elizabeth at 18months. She never made it into 24 month onesie anythings. Not even footie pajamas. Most of that stuff ended up being given away. Separates all the way for that kid.

Mikey on the other hand needs anything BUT separates. Footie PJs prevent him from stripping during naps and at night and now he needs 'em during the day too!

Just last week Mikey decided to take off his diaper and stand on the couch while spraying everything around him. Thank goodness for pleather couches, seriously.

Oh the joys of motherhood!

What uh-oh moments have you had in your house?

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